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The TriPodBox is just what you need to hold all your audio accessories! Perfect companion to DSLR'S. Capture and mix 4 mics and send the mix to an audio recorder or to a video camera.

The TriPodBox is an aluminum box that fits between your tripod legs and the head. It is designed to fit a Rolls MX124 mic mixer. It comes with mounting hardware and threaded holes. We also make custom sizes to fit other field mixers on the market! Call now if you have any questions 630-306-8459!


There is enough room on the sides to mount up to 4 wireless mics with velcro. It quickly installs between your tripod and head with just a screwdriver and wrench! Price is only $135!


Fully loaded ready to shoot TriPodBox

TriPodBox fully loaded with Rolls MX124, wireless receivers, a HD monitor and a wired microphone! DSLR users can mount an audio recorder where the monitor is.

TriPodBox fits Rolls MX124 Please allow 10 days for shipping, FREE Shipping!

Measures 7"W x 4"H x 5"D the TriPodBox is the perfect companion to the Rolls MX124 Field Mixer.

Capture and mix to both audio tracks from up to 4 mics! Save tons of editing time! Mount a HD monitor on it, wired mic, wireless receivers and other gear! Comes in polished aluminum. Strong, light weight and built to last a lifetime! Conveniently puts the controls right in front of you as you shoot!